Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hard time

So, how did the MRI on Thursday go, you're wondering? It started out ok, but towards the end, I had a bit of a panic. It felt like there was something digging into the back of my head the whole time, which apparently I could do nothing about because I am not supposed to move. Last time I made it through pretty well, but this time my heart was racing and I knew I needed to get out. I think there was only about 15 minutes, but I hit the panic button. The attendant "buzzed" in and I told her I had to get out. Maybe I should go see a hypnotist re: claustrophobia? Or just never have another MRI.

Follow-up again on the 15th. Then we'll get to see what's going on.


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Claustrophobia part 2

On Monday, I had the follow up to the MRI. Have any of you looked at the MRI results? Its just a bunch of white splotches on a black background. He shows me the screen and tells me things and I smile and nod because I don't see any of what he is talking about, really. The scoliosis that has been there since I was a kid is still there (duh). Dr. Findlay said he saw some minor swelling in the lumbar spine and could see signs of early arthritis. I was not surprised by this; "Old Arthur" (as my dad calls Arthritis) runs in the family. Findlay made a dejected sort of face when he told me this: "you're too young", he said. I just shrugged; its there, not a lot I can do about it. The next plan of action is, you guessed it, another MRI. WOOHOO. This time it will be on the cervical spine; to rule out some other scary things. He didn't see anything glaringly wrong with the lumbar spine besides the scoli, so now its time to rule out anything in the cervical spine.

I hate it when the doctor tells you he can't see anything wrong. Just the day before the appointment, my whole lower body hurt so much. I'm still getting that "dead-leg" pain and numbness, which I had always attributed to my hip. Its something to do with my back, the doc said. Chris, my PT told me as much too. Its just a matter of finding what the cause is. But of course, Monday at the appointment I felt fine, so it was harder to describe the pain. Like bringing the car to the mechanic because its making a funny noise, and the noise stops when you get there. He definitely believed there was something wrong and he's seen patients like me, with the scoli and the hyper-mobility issues. Its just frustrating to not be able to pin-point things.

Monday I also had my last PT session (for my hip anyway) with Chris. It was a little sad- we always have fun ragging on each other, and despite the hard work, I always leave there in a god mood and feeling physically good. I wish I could hire him to just drive his elbow into my glutes/hips every day. Man that feels good. I got a little spoiled because it was my last visit. He and Dr. Findlay seem to think some "core" PT will help with my spine issues, so I may be back there again at some point. Chris made me promise I'd request him, which of course I will. I may have to reserve a table in there at this point. Haha

Yesterday my hip hurt again- go figure! I "graduate" from PT and then two days later my hip aches again. It felt like if I moved my left hip too far outward, my leg would fall off. I was feeling some scraping of bone again; I must have done something to it in my sleep. I'm still healing, I have to remember that.

So tonight, I climb back into:

and try not to hyperventilate. Wish me luck!