Sunday, March 2, 2014

A Few of My Favorite Things

Recently I posted a photo of a product I have come to love. It occurred to me that I really wanted to share a few of my favorite things! Maybe you'll learn to love them. Maybe you'll learn something about me. This is the beauty edition; bits of my skin care routine and things that keep me beautiful from the inside out! 

Maybelline Baby Lips 

These magical lip treatments have revolutionized my beauty routine. I am definitely one of those never-leaves-the-house-without-Chapstick girls. If I am someplace without something to smear on my lips, especially in the cold, dry winter, I actually panic. Enter: Baby Lips. I've seen the commercial. I wasn't convinced; let's be honest, the name is weird. Baby lips? What the? But these balms come in many tints and favors. They are a jazzed up Chapstick that totally can take the place of lipstick. Not to discount lipstick; I love a gorgeous painted lip. But this is subtle, perfect for my 9-5 work-day makeup. 
Bonus: good for the lips! Vitamins and moisture. A+ 

Mario Badescu Skin Care
My lovely brother in law bought me a few MB samples for my wedding day makeup (thanks, Isaac!) and since then I have been in love. I've been told I have gorgeous skin (the secret is to drink lots of water, see below) but it doesn't stay that way without some TLC. There is an amazing line for all types of skin and needs (check out the website) but my favorite combo is the Seaweed Cleansing Soap and Seaweed Night Cream. The soap has little flecks of seaweed for gentle exfoliation. It's creamy and silky and smells WONDERFUL. The night cream literally feels like putting on a new layer of skin. At night I wash my face in the shower with the soap, then use the night cream for moisturizing. It is an amazing combination. A-
Bonus: It's affordable. I get it at Ulta in Portland. This combo is about $40 but lasts a long time. 

Ello glass 20 oz. water bottle 
You'll note in the skin care post, I made mention of water. We all know water is KEY to health and beauty. I always have water with me and it is one of my favorite beverages (yes! That's true!). I have tried many bottles; plastic gets stinky no matter how much you clean it. Metal is okay but one bottle had an obnoxious cap and didn't fit in my car cup holder. Then I found these. ($10 on Amazon!) and I don't drink from anything else. I bought four: two for each of us, so we always have a cold one in the fridge. I bring it to work, carrying it in my purse with no leakage. I go through 2-3 refills of these a day. The glass doesn't stink ever and it comes in great colors. BPA free, dishwasher safe. My major criticism is that it's kind of tippy (hubby agrees) but I've dropped it many times and it hasn't broken. B+
Bonus: No slip grippy rubber casing saves clumsy people like me! 

Trader Joe's Peppermint tea
Specifically, Mint Melange tea. The benefits of tea are widely known, if for no other reason than antioxidants (also good for skin!). If I drink coffee after 3pm, I have trouble sleeping. About 6 months ago I swapped out my afternoon coffee for peppermint tea. It perks me up with its aromatics, helps with lunch digestion and really staves off the food coma & late day doldrums. I drink it black but it's good with honey. Guys, I don't even miss the coffee in the afternoon. A
Bonus: The mint gives you fresh breath too, which is good if you're weird about brushing at work like I am. 

Maybelline Master Precise eyeliner 

A second Maybelline product (I actually have a lot of other Maybelline products) graces my list. This eyeliner makes cat eye lining a BREEZE. It goes on like a pencil, looks like a liquid and is so light. I went with the black for dramtatic eye days but it comes in many other colors. The tip is a spongy point, making it easy to get close to the lash line. I love the way it looks and feels. It has encouraged me to experiment with different lining techniques and is affordable. I am sometimes afraid the tip will break off and it's hard to tell when it has run out. Overall, a favorite. B+ 
Bonus: If you mess up (as I often do) it comes off easily! I don't even have to use my eye make up remover! 

This ends the beauty/beverage edition of my favorite things. Stay tuned for another edition where I'll show you all my favorite "around the house" things. Leave me a comment if you try these things, I'd love to know what you think. What are your favorite beauty products?