Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hips, part deux

Greetings, followers. Since that last MRI where I had a bit of trouble, many things have happened.
Dr. Findlay took a look at the MRI results and said that structurally, everything is more or less good (nothing scary is wrong with my spine). The scoliosis I always knew was there is there, plus the early arthritis. He really seemed to think that, in conjunction with my hypersensitivity issue (to be explained in detail later) are the cause of my symptoms. He suggested talking with my PCP and perhaps physical therapy.

Shortly after that, I met with Ali again for a follow-up. The left hip is doing great! Hardly any pain, even on the elliptical and my scars are nearly gone! :) the right hip, however, is another issue. Now that the left is in tip-top shape, the right needs care. Ali explained that we ought to start at the bottom again, and put off surgery for as long as possible. I am totally ok with that. I am happy with the end result of surgery but the process sucked. At least this time, I will know that they need to double or triple the dose of the stuff they give you to prevent nausea.

Starting at the bottom means preventative PT, then the next track would be cortisone (or something like it) then surgery. Oh, and still no running or high-impact exercise. At least this time, I know what to expect. Ali wrote me prescriptions to start PT again, and that day we went over to set me back up. I told Chris I was coming back and he was glad to see me again, but realized it was bummer that I HAD to come back.

Last night I had the first new appointment. Mike, one of the other PTs there saw me and was like..what are you doing here? Its nice going somewhere where I know the people well. They all take such good care of me. Chris did the evaluation, spent a lot of time working on my back, which BTW is all screwed up. He couldn't believe how knotted and tight my back was. There are ligaments he thinks may be out of whack too. Oh boy! Then we moved on to the hip. He was pulling and pressing and poking and I was in so much pain. My right hip-flexor is actually WORSE OFF than my left was pre-surgery. WTF mate!? Its very tender and tight and the impingement may be worse too. I was hurting pretty badly when I left there last night. Chris said that the tension in my back muscles is largely a contributing factor. But damn, I am so sick of feeling like an old person. Doesn't help that I sit on duff all day.

In other news, Ethan and I are moving. Still in Portland, just off the West End. We will be living behind Tony's Donuts. I'll be within walking distance of OA. Chris told me I need to bring in donuts from time to time if I am that close. :) We hired movers to do all the heavy lifting, because we both have terrible spines/joints and it will go much faster. In my opinion , its totally worth it.

I've been taking a break from the elliptical because I have been a) busy with packing and b) pretty sore lately, but everyone still says I look skinny, so that's good!

Until next time!