Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Thursday Approaches

Hello again, friends.

My appointment in Boston is Thursday and I'm in the midst of preparations. Below is a list of questions I drafted to bring with me. These are important things that I need to now the answers to.

What are the steps leading up to the operation? Can pre-op stuff be done at Maine Med?

How long is the operation? What are the risks? How many days will I be in the hospital?

What's the recovery process like? Will I wear a cast and for how long? What pain meds and for how long? What are my physical limitations during recovery?

What is the success rate? Can rehab/PT be done at Maine Med?

Will there be outward physical differences to my body (taller, shorter, walk different)?


I think that covers it all, but I am sure after the appointment I'll have many more. If you can think of any, please share.

I'll keep you posted after Thursday's appointment.



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