Monday, November 29, 2010

Nearly a week away

So, time goes by CRAZY-fast! I can't believe my surgery is a week from Thursday. Its going to feel like I only blinked, and it will be here. The reality hasn't hit me yet; I am sure when I have the pre-op appointment on December 1st, it will start to sink in. That's when I will hear all the gory details and meet all the PT people and such. Kara, the physician's assistant said the pre-op appointment is like 2 hours. Does that seem long to anyone else for surgery that is the same length? Anyway, what do I know? I've never really had surgery before (not counting my wisdom teeth extraction; I was "under" for that).

I am trying not to get to nervous, or play the "what-if-this-goes-totally-wrong" game. My friends and family have shared with me lots of encouraging words, which has been helpful. I'm trying to think long term- pain now but relief later. People have described me before as a "chronic optimist." You know, silver lining, everything happens for a reason, constant smile. It has worked to my favor in my life so far, so I plan on sticking to that way of thinking. Still, that doesn't mean I am any less scared!

I've been stocking up on reading: I am currently in the middle of two books (one will likely be finished before the Big Day). The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin (which I recommend to all) has had me engrossed from the beginning. Its helping to keep my spirits high about this experience and life in general. The other book is Kristin Lavransdatter by Sigrid Undset. Its a 13th century Norse tale. The book I have is 3 texts in one. I am in the middle of the second one. Its good reading, but slow sometimes. My goal is to finish it while laying around doing nothing!

Netflix will also occupy my time. I want to watch as many B-movies as I can! I want to see how many of them I can get through. Most of the ones I think might be interesting are things Ethan would have no interest in watching, so that will occupy my time while he is working. Should be good for a laugh, especially if the pain meds are good. Feel free to come join me in awesomely-bad movie viewing! :)

I am currently at work, taking a little break from my massive "before I go away for 3 weeks to-do list" to update. Gotta get all the office coverage stuff in order, show people how to do what I do and make sure all the paperwork is in order. Time is going quickly (as I said before) and I'm feeling the pressure. However, I can't lie and say I am not looking forward to 3 weeks away from the office! I might go a little stir-crazy, but the idea of it seems nice right now.

The next post will be a video! It will probably be after the pre-op, telling you about all the details. Stay tuned.

P.S. Yesterday I was hurting pretty bad. :( Was at church limping. Today, not so much pain, so I am wearing my high-heeled boots. Gotta get in all the fun-shoe wearing while I can. Ooh, that makes me think: When I am all better, I may have an excuse to go shoe shopping! Who's in?! ;-)

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