Thursday, March 8, 2012

And now, a PSA:

UNE takes care of its students and staff. Why do I say this? I've been working there just shy of one year and have been bombarded with gratefully able to participate in a variety of employee and university-wide health events. Back in August of 2011 there was the wellness walk and in the fall there was the HR wellness fair (I won a cheese plate in the raffle! win!). Every 8 weeks or so UNE also sponsors a Red Cross Blood drive (I donate every time; you're welcome hospitals) and just today I participated in the university wide health and wellness fair. Kendra and I received seated massage and foot reflexology. They offered bio-metric screenings for anyone that wanted one, with nurses on staff to discuss results. My health is very important to me, so naturally I partook in the screenings. Okay. Maybe there was also free food. And the massage was a nice incentive. But still. I did it and that's all that matters.

Seriously. Donate blood. It's free and it saves 3 lives!

The results of my screening were very good. Included were BMI, HDL (the good cholesterol), blood pressure, blood glucose, body fat percentage, heart disease risk, etc. I basically got an A+ on everything. I only recently (since our engagement party) obtained a scale but I'd say since my freshman year of undergrad, I've lost 30 pounds. This morning when I stepped on the scale as I do about 2 times a week,  I hit a milestone I've been trying to reach for a while! I spent the morning hoping that when I stepped on the medical-grade scale at the screening that it would read the same weight (it did!). The nurse told me to keep doing what I'm doing; and then she told me that she was jealous of my blood pressure (110/76, baby). What an interesting compliment. But, yay? I have very low risk for heart disease and diabetes, which is good since I have a family history of both.

Come to think of it, my family history weighs on my greatly. While I know that cancer isn't necessarily preventable and can strike even the healthiest of people (I'm fairly certain my mom was pretty healthy when she was diagnosed) I've been doing what I can to stay healthy to reduce the risk. Dad has a host of health troubles, but I know that much of his are due to lifestyle (he smoked for 40+ years [he quit], has a sedentary lifestyle and eats poorly). Still, there's history there, so that's good motivation to stay healthy. The secondary motivation is that I want to bear children in the next 5 or so years and I want to be healthy for that.

Someday, we'll get rid of cancer. I know it!

Ethan and I have decided we need to take up a sport together (I know, I know, me? A sport?) to get/stay more active. After much consideration of our terrible skeletons and my severe lack of balance, etc, we landed on tennis. I always liked tennis when we played at school and I am killer at Wii tennis. It's medium impact (+1 for being joint friendly) high intensity & cardio (+2 for exercise) and will be an excellent test in hand-eye coordination (-2 because I suck at this part). Stay tuned for some hilarious tennis-related updates this spring. I am sure I'll be a hot tennis-mess but at least we'll be working out together.

This is a preview of what I'll probably look like playing tennis!
I'm feeling pretty good overall these days. The tests today showed that I am actually healthy, and I think that's pretty damn hip.


  1. My company requires Biometrics as part of our health plan. First quarter of each year, we get our labs so we can enter them I to our web health site (through our provider, not company). I can't believe that some people complain about getting it done. They're usually the ones who don't pay attention to their health (smokers, chewers, overweights). Or maybe these big burly mechanics just fear needles!
    Stay healthy Maria. You're doing all the right things. Now's the time to form lifelong health habits.

  2. I think it's a great idea to require the biometric screenings! I read an article today about how overall wellness increases productivity at the office (duh!). Working hard to stay healthy, though I did have a donut this morning! Sweets occur rarely at the office, so it was a nice indulgence!