Wednesday, March 16, 2011


About 2 weeks ago, I got clearance from PT Chris to get on the elliptical Ethan and I have at home. I've been leery about doing so, since I'm having this new back issue. However, Monday night I decided that I was going to try it out. My Lent discipline this year is to cut out sweets, so getting more exercise is an added bonus of fitness. I did 20 minutes on the variable intensity workout. I was able to keep up, and didn't feel any hip pain! I had forgotten how good it felt to do an awesome cardio workout. Physical therapy has really been all strength training, so I've been missing the cardio element. I also got on last night and did 15 minutes at high intensity. My muscles are a bit sore today, but only in the manner I'd expect them to be after not having really worked out in a few months. It feels amazing to get back into working out. Yesterday was really stressful, and the intense workout made me feel better!

The need to report this as part of the hip story is that I had to stop working out pre- surgery for the pain (I also met Ethan and got swept away by love etc etc lol) and I've always had pain after working out. Now that's no more, so it feels worth sharing!

Bikini 2011- here I come! :)


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