Monday, March 14, 2011

A back story?

I know its been a while since I updated. There hasn't, in truth, been too much to report. PT is going well. I am down to once a week through March, then every couple of weeks as needed. Exercises are to be done on my own. I feel a lot stronger; I can even feel my ab muscles being more defined, which is an awesome bonus.

The left hip being fixed has shifted my focus to my right hip, which like the left prior to surgery, has its good days and bad days. I follow up with Alli in May and we'll see where things stand. An interesting new thing, is happening however. I've been having increased back pain, as well as numbness/tingling in my feet at PT. I am still also having the "dead-leg" pain and numbness in both legs periodically (something I had attributed to the hip problem). My hands and arms also go numb during some PT sessions. Chris mentioned this to Alli one night when she was passing through on her way out of the office We chatted and decided I should see the spine specialist. Chris can't progress me any further at PT right now because of the back/ tingling problem. Alli made the referral the next morning and put me at the top of the list to get me in to see Dr. Findlay, the spine specialist. She went out of her way; I swear OA has the best people on the planet. Including Alli, I see three 4 doctors and a physical therapist at OA. I am definitely a regular there now.

I had the spine appointment today with Dr. F and he is super nice. Ethan sees him too for his neck/back, so I knew he was a good guy. We took some x-rays and went over the history. I told him about how I have scoliosis and had a brace for it when I was in middle school. It never goes away, so I thought that might be the problem. He took a look at me and the x-rays and figured the scoliosis is idiopathic and that I am very loose-jointed. Most of my joints hyperextend, and my ligaments are very loose. Dr. F said that all of these factors are related and may have contributed to the hip issue. He decided he wanted to take an x-ray of my lumbar (lower) spine and work from there. The MRI is on Friday morning. We shall see.

Anyway, that's the latest development. Add it to the list of things! At least all the doctors/records are in one place, and everyone is awesome. I'll keep you all posted with treatment, etc.



  1. Geez! The hip bone's connected to the... Could it be that one good hip makes your back compensate for the bad hip thereby throwing your alignment out? I won't charge you for this.

  2. The doctor said its all related, in some capacity or another. The spine issue may have actually been the cause for the hip worsening. I've know about the scoli since 7th grade- it just seems to be haunting me in my adult life.