Thursday, December 30, 2010

Another Milestone

Its New Year's Eve eve, and I have much to be thankful for! Today marks the 3rd week since surgery. At this time 3 weeks ago, I was under-the-knife. Time has just flown by so so fast! I still can't believe it.

Today is a big day for another reason- I'm getting the stitches taken out! That will make me feel even more healed. They've been itchy, which I guess means the incisions are healing, but I haven't been scratching because I was afraid of tearing the stitches out. I am curious to see what the scars will look like. Thank goodness they are small!

Physical therapy is going very well. Chris says I am moving well for being just 3 weeks out and I feel stronger every day! I've graduating to using one crutch the rest of this week and then (Happy New Year!) I don't have to use it unless I feel like I need to. Progress progress progress! I'll still be doing PT in January- I've booked through the end of the month.

One of the great things about next week is that I can return to work! I stopped by the Portland and Gorham offices on Wednesday, which was really nice. It got me excited to go back. Being home has been nice, but I'm a little stir-crazy. I need to get back into routine. I've been having trouble sleeping, and its because I am not really getting the same mental and physical stimulation I was used to pre-surgery, so I'm not really as tired. Makes sense. I used to be a champion sleeper, and these 3 weeks have been dicey. I'm only going back part time for the first week, but hopefully that will get me headed in the right direction and sleeping again.

2010 has been quite a ride, and I am so excited to start 2011 healthy and strong! I'm not done yet, but none-the-less I am feeling good, and should be pain-free by summer. That's an exciting prospect!

Have a wonderful, safe and healthy new year celebration. Catch you in 2011!


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