Friday, November 18, 2011

This time I didn't vomit

So, I didn't make it to the 2nd spin class that week, but I did go Thursday this week.   This week's ride was much better. First, as the subject tells you, I didn't vomit, which I considered victory number one! From the first round, I knew my limits, so I took it easy on myself this time. I also didn't eat anything before going to the class. I figured it was best to show up starving then to ralph everywhere after. I had worked out on the elliptical Monday and Wednesday, so my legs were already sore; not too far into pedaling my legs were ready to give out. I knew though that once you get over "the wall" and your muscles loosen up, it becomes easier, and that's what happened!

I played around with my seat a lot this time too, with the help of Molly (instructor). Here's what the bike looks like:

And it definitely is a monster. Getting the height and position of the seat right is super important. About 20 minutes in, my right hip started hurting. Molly came over to help arrange the seat and that helped a lot. I'll have to remember the markers for the seat. The seat; that dirty, evil, butt-killer. Soreness abounds. I asked about if getting a seat cover or padded shorts would help, but Molly said basically "grin and bear it." Apparently, you just have to keep at it, and then it gets better (remind me to make an "It Gets Better" vid for dead-butt).

These past two weeks, I've been working out a lot. Clothes are falling off of me. I'm really watching what I eat these days (though, I had a tiny sliver of cake at the office party today, but just one. And it was tiny. Moderation). Despite soreness, I feel better than I have in a long while.  I'll be back to spinning for next class on Tuesday (none on Turkey Day) and in the in- betweens, I'll use the elliptical. I have fitness and weight loss goals, but I also want to keep my hips in good shape; keep the fixed on strong and prevent surgery on the other.

So far, so good.

xo MK

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