Friday, February 24, 2012

Here I am less than a week into my Facebook fasting. If I've learned anything so far, it's that most of the websites I go to are in some way or another connected to Facebook. Where I used to click "log in with Facebook" I now have to search my brain for the remnants of some obscure username and password. I've started a list. I don't really miss it yet, though I find myself wondering if anyone has announced a pregnancy or a new job or is in a girl-fight. I have enjoyed my extra time to read and surf other websites. So far, so good, though, I don't feel very hip being disconnected from a world that everyone seems to belong to.

Sorry I'm abandoning you, Zuk. You won't miss one of billions.

On a completely unrelated note, I called the doctor recently; per suggestion of a few people. I scheduled a physical (it's not happening until July) and told the nurse about my concerns. The stumbling, dropping, cold-hands and pain are probably all related to my other issues. She suggested also I may have Raynaud's Syndrome but will not know until she sees me. "Keep your hands warm, gloves etc." said the nurse. Great, I really want to sleep with gloves on! Ugh. We'll see. I'd do a follow-up with Findlay, my spine guy, but I doubt anything different would turn up, and I don't want to go through another MRI. I also have been getting the star treatment from Ethan. He's been rubbing my shoulders and not complaining. He tells me when to heat and when to ice. I have this stubborn spot right around my shoulder blade that's a quarter-sized knot. Hurts like a motherf*cker. My left arm/hand has also been going numb/tingly, which then causes me to drop things. FUN. The doctor's office said it's all part of things I've been diagnosed with before and that unless symptoms get worse or I get more uncomfortable, we can wait til my July appointment. At least for the most part my hip doesn't hurt. I'm way too young for all this.

This is what I feel like on the inside!
The weekend is almost here; Ethan and I went on a date last night to David's in Monument Square, I get to see Kellie and Jenny this weekend, we have double-date plans with Micah and Christina Saturday night and Sunday more wedding planning! Let's just hope I don't have too much pain to deal with this weekend...there's always vodka for that, right?


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