Saturday, February 18, 2012

Mild February

As I glance out the window today (it is open right now in fact and a nice breeze is coming in) and see the sunshine and mud, I realize that perhaps I should have titled my last post "Ice Sucks." We've basically had the absence of winter this season. I also just knocked on many wood surfaces, just in case. There are bits of snow here and there; brown-black dirty snow lines the streets making parallel parking difficult but not impossible. Tiny white patches linger in my driveway, on the lawn out back, in piles at the end of parking lots. I find myself thinking about last winter; trudging through the snow both on crutches and not,  hip aching from dragging my heavy-booted feet through ankle [or higher] deep snow. This is a completely different February. For a few weeks now, Roman's parents, who are not native Mainers have been wanting to go cross-country skiing. They schedule a time, plan for me to sit for Roman, and then the place is closed due to lack of snow. Two weekends ago Ethan and I took a walk at Higgin's Beach.

This is currently Maine in FEBRUARY

It's nice to walk around not trudging through snow, being able to wear high-heels (don't worry, I watch out for ice!) and the milder temperatures mean my joints ache less. Still, I can't help but a) worry about getting dumped on in March and April and b) what this means for the global temperatures/ice caps/polar bears. I am not a skier for many reasons, so I'm pretty much okay with the lack of it, but it does make me wonder sometimes.

Now that small-talk about the weather is out of the way, I want to talk about Lent, and my decision to give up Facebook. Lent is a time for sacrifice, reflection, and prayer. Two years ago, I gave up alcohol. Last year, sugar/sweets. This year, I choose Facebook. The reason is twofold: one, because I am addicted to it (I'm not ashamed to say so) and therefore I need a way to cut back and, two, to focus on other forms of more direct communication. I want to have more Skype sessions with friends around the country. I want to talk on the phone, and write personalized e-mails. I love writing and snail-mailing cards. It's very nice to get something in the mailbox that's not junk or bills. So much of our communication these days is indirect; saying "happy birthday" on someone's FB wall when 100 others do the same isn't as special and meaningful as receiving a phone call and/or a card. I want to put in more effort to connect with my friends on a more personal level, and my hope is that they will do the same.

Not as exciting as a letter in the mail
Likewise, I am enjoying blogging, and this medium will likely teach you more about me than any Facebook page. While I like to use Facebook to share things I am passionate about (Ethan, Ophelia, political & social issues) there are other ways to get the word out there. I'm finding myself so passionate and fired-up (and pretty damn pissed off) about what's happening to women's rights all over this country, and I'm looking to start actually doing something about it instead of just talking about it. Maybe giving up Facebook isn't very hip, and maybe it will be a lot harder than I am thinking it will be. Maybe no one will care. I don't know, but I do know that it's what makes sense for me right now.

I will probably spend some of the time I'll save away from Facebook outside with Ethan enjoying what's shaping up to be a very pleasant February.

Enjoying Maine in the...winter?

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