Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Aftermath

I lay here today on the couch a little hopped-up on pain medication. Surgery has come and gone, it went by so fast. Everyone was so super nice. I got called in and had to put on a totally fashionable Johnny. Then they covered me with this awesome warming blanket of hot air, which made me feel kind of pampered. I had to put on a fancy OA knit cap to keep my hair from getting in the way and the nurse (Mary) started an IV. That's when it became real.

The next person I saw was the anesthesiologist (Dr. Kovarich I think). He was really nice and very funny. He reminded me of Alan Alda from the MASH days, and also Roger from Mad Men. He explained everything and made me feel much more comfortable. Then Dr. Huffard came in and wrote his initials on my left hip and then asked me to write mine there too. Wouldn't want them to do the wrong hip!

I remember being wheeled into the operating room and it was cold in there. I asked why, and Dr. Kovarich said that its because the doctors have full gear on and sit under hot lights. It helps if the temp is a little low. That explains my warming blanket! The last thing I remember is him putting an oxygen mask over my face and saying he was gonna give me the medicine to make me fall asleep. Pretty sure it worked. I don't remember anything after that until waking up.

Waking up was not so pleasant. I puked twice; I guess I have a pretty bad reaction to anesthesia meds. He even said they give you something in the IV to prevent that from happening. Apparently it didn't work for me. :( The ended up giving me 3 or 4 different things for nausea and the one that worked the best was the sea-sickness patch. I have another one to put on later today, as it wears off in about 72 hours. Dr. K came to see me and felt really bad that I was so sick. He said that if I have another surgery to tell them how badly I reacted so they can give me something else. Dr. Huffard came to see me too and said everything went well. That's sort of all I remember. The aftercare nurse's name was Ellen and she was a total sweetheart. Ethan was there with me too, but I was so sick and so out of it. They took good care of me, but kept me there quite a while. The surgery was over at about 1:15 but I didn't leave til about 5 so they could observe me.

I left with crutches and my contraption for sleeping. Went home, took more meds and passed in and out of alertness. I had to keep getting up to pee because they gave me 2 liters of fluids, so at least I wasn't dehydrated. Ethan has already done an amazing job taking care of me. His family gave me an awesome care package with lots of yummy things to eat and a pair of amazingly soft lounge-pants. I've also gotten so many well wishes and prayers from people.

Yesterday was the first pre-op appointment. I met with the physical therapist named Chris and we went over some exercises and muscle stretches I have to do. Then Ally, the physician's assistant came to check on my incisions and explain what they did. there are pictures, and if anyone wants to see them, let me know. They didn't have to do any repairs to the labrum, but there was a bone spur and a bunch of gunky build-up in the joint making it hard to move. They cleaned all that out and reshaped the bone. Everything else in the joint looks good she said.

I have to go to PT twice a week probably for the next few months. I have to be really careful not to dislocate my hip while its healing and I'll need to strengthen the muscles. My arms are getting stronger from the crutches too.

Overall I feel pretty good. Woke up this morning in a bunch of pain, but took my pills and felt better. Just taking it one day at a time. I have to rest but also be somewhat active (like by doing my stretches/exercises). I am looking forward to feeling better. Right now the incision sites are kind of sore, I think because of the adhesive they used. My skin is just too sensitive. Been icing to reduce the swelling and the stitches come out on the 30th. Tomorrow, I can take a shower finally! Ethan washed my hair yesterday, which was nice. Even that made me feel a bit better.

Dad and my priest are coming by this evening, and I am feeling like I'll be ready for visitors from now on, so just call, text or stop on over.

Thanks for all your love and support, and I will keep you posted.



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